Technical Kit

The Technical Kit has been designed to give you the resources you need, to evaluate iD from a technology and infrastructure perspective. If you require additional technical information please contact us.


Technical Specifications
The minimum infrastructure requirements to support iD.


iD Cloud
Hosting solution information and a visual overview of our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment.

Installation & Configuration Guides

iD Security
The different authentication models to manage users and groups within iD.

File Store Options
Storage options for iD's binary data.

Maintenance & Advanced Configuration

SQL Mirroring
How to mirror iD databases.

Backup & Restore Guide
Instructions for backing up, restoring and migrating iD.

Load Balancing
Installing iD in a load balanced environment.


iD Application Programming (API)
How to get started with developing your own applications.

Single Sign On For External Apps
Implementation of Single Sign On functionality for External applications.

SAML Connector
SAML Single Sign On Connectivity guide.

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Getting Started Kit

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