Powering the SuperFoiler GP

A competition as advanced as SuperFoiler needs a powerful intranet to back it up.


The Power Behind the Competition

The SuperFoiler dream has been brought to life with iD's powerful intranet and digital workplace technology. SuperFoiler use iD's #Channels to communicate for events, media presentations and with sponsors. Meanwhile, sailors and engineers can complete safety training via iD’s Process Automation, request information with Online Forms and access equipment manuals in the Document Library.

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SuperFoiler intranet

SuperFoiler Grand Prix

A New Chapter in Sports Entertainment

The SuperFoiler Grand Prix is a global sports entertainment platform focused on a new generation of “on-water flying machines”. The world’s best sailors race across five incredible waterways.

iD is proud to be an official technology partner and competitor in the race with our iconic red Team iDintranet SuperFoiler.

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Read the full story for how iD powered the SuperFoiler Grand Prix with a tailored intranet and digital workplace.

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SuperFoiler Intranet Achievements

SuperFoiler have already achieved the following benefits with their iD powered intranet.

50% Better Communication

Better Communication

iD's Enterprise Social Network features have made communication and collaboration easy, reducing SuperFoiler's email traffic by nearly 50%.

35% Engaged Employees

More Engaged Employees

Paper-based processes have been streamlined with online forms. Training modules have fast-tracked knowledge and improved employee engagement by 35%.

60% Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

SuperFoiler use their mobile intranet on the go, collaborating and accessing important files, increasing productivity by 60%.

"SuperFoiler is a large-scale event which required every person involved to give 110%. We needed iD's strong, flexible technology in place to support us."

- Elise Turner, SuperFoiler Marketing Manager