Improve Productivity

Improve the productivity of your business by digitizing processes, tasks and forms. Our easy to use solution allows you to setup forms and workflow in minutes, without the help of IT staff.

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Simply and easily replace paper based forms and streamline processes with iD. We have created a video to show you how easy it is to Apply for Annual Leave via an online form.

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Automate Processes With Online Forms

Automate Processes With Online Forms

Paper-based forms and manual processes are a thing of the past, with iD's clever Online Forms. Easily build forms with no technical skills required.

Robust security restricts forms to selected employees and approval to specified administrators. Comprehensive multi-stage Workflow allows you to align approval stages to your existing business process.

Fast Track Induction & Training

Reduce the headache of outdated induction manuals and training booklets. Move your learning online using iD’s Process Automation.

Setting up a training processes is easy, with intranet content and Online Forms able to be swiftly grouped together and configured in a logical flow. Employee progress is tracked for compliance.

Fast Track Induction & Training

Discover the World's Best Intranets

Find out how Shell, Audi & Panasonic overcame challenges & achieved business goals. Download our free Intranet Best Practice report.

Discover the World's Best Intranets

Find Everything

Work faster and smarter with Intranet DASHBOARD because there’s no need to look anywhere else.

Our unique tagging system, as well as the built in Enterprise Search, build a logical categorization of content & files using #Hashtags, #Channels metadata & file information, so employees can find exactly what they’re searching for.

Find What’s Important With #Hashtags & Channels

Collaborate Efficiently with Team Spaces

Collaborate Efficiently With Team Spaces

Work better by working together. Streamline collaboration and knowledge sharing through team spaces.

Team spaces allow you to efficiently run group projects in one central location, removing the need for disjointed email chains and disconnected information. Chat, share content, store images and documents. Get work done.

Improve Productivity With Workflow

Digital Transformation is no longer a pipe dream – begin digitizing processes today by efficiently creating custom, multi-stage workflows.

iD's Workflow engine allows your organization to automate processes in minutes, providing operational efficiency, visibility and accountability immediately.

Improve Productivity With Workflow

Quick & Easy Content Management

Quick & Easy Content Management

Reduce IT bottlenecks and put content management in the hands of content owners.

Easily create and manage webpages with instant, inline editing. Simple drag and drop functionality means anyone is able to add text, imagery, video and downloadable files. Multi-level security ensures publishing is only available to employees who are authorized.

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ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Calculate annual savings & intranet ROI to see how iD saves you time & money.

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Intranet Best Practice Guide

Best Practice Guide

Download the guide to see the World's Best Intranets. Shell, Audi, Panasonic & more.

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