iD brings people, processes and information together, providing you with everything you need to do your job better. It’s a complete, all in one solution, unlike any intranet & portal you’ve used before.

A Full Digital Ecosystem

iD is more than an intranet. It’s a digital ecosystem where all the elements of your business come together in the one place. People, content and knowledge are brought to life and interconnected allowing you to easily find what you need & share knowledge.

Give meaning to information in your intranet & portal by categorizing content and files using our unique tagging. It's in this process of tagging where the magic happens! Interconnections happen automatically in this unique intranet & portal ecosystem.

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Super Easy Intranet

Super Easy Intranet

Easy to use, easy to find.

We’ve made it easier than ever before to build the best intranet & portal. Our unique, user friendly software lays the foundation of your digital workplace. Our easy to use apps, drag & drop CMS, and intuitive interface are designed for the non-technical user.

Once content has been populated - Use #Channels, Enterprise Search, and Staff Directory to easily find the information and people you’re looking for.

Massive Suite of Apps

With a comprehensive set of built-in apps and hundreds of features to transform the way you work, the possibilities with iD are truly limitless.

Simply switch apps ON or OFF to build a custom intranet that’s a perfect fit for your organization. It’s completely up to you how you wish to configure your intranet & portal ecosystem. All apps are included at no extra charge.

Massive Suite of Apps

Centralized Content Repository

Document & File Management

A sophisticated document management system is included within the iD intranet & portal ecosystem. It features everything you need and much more.

Use the elegant lightbox carousel to browse all files. Edit and autosave Microsoft documents without needing to launch an external app. Upload and share all of your files in one central repository.

The beauty of the iD ecosystem is its full integration. You can find files that matter to you, categorize them with #Hashtags, share them in conversations and notify relevant colleagues using @Mentions.

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"With three quarters of our workforce regularly on the move, we needed the intranet to be easily accessible from hotel rooms, airport departure lounges & wherever our staff need the latest company information"

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More Than Just Software

iD is so much more than just software. Our professional services team will work with you to build a completely tailored project that will change the way you do work. Even once you’ve launched, we’re here to support you.

Requirements & Planning

1. Requirements & Planning

Let our experienced services team guide you every step of the way. We’ll use our unrivalled expertise to help design the look and feel, advise best practice, and train you to become an iD expert yourself.

Deploy Your Intranet

2. Deploy Your Intranet

iD is ready to go! Our flexible, user-friendly software means you can either install iD on your own network, or have us host it for you in the cloud. It’s that easy.

Switch Functionality ON or OFF

3. Switch Functionality ON or OFF

Intranet DASHBOARD comes bundled with a comprehensive suite of apps and 1000’s more features and functions. Fit the needs of your organization by simply switching ON or OFF what works for you.

Drag & Drop

4. Drag & Drop

Craft your intranet & portal to meet your company’s requirements and vision. Intuitive drag and drop elements makes it simple for absolutely anyone to create a beautiful intranet.

5. Design Look & Feel

Select a design from our in-built intranet & portal templates or let us create a unique design for you. iD boasts exceptional capabilities for mobile and other devices - perfect for when you’re on the move.

Add Content

6. Add Content

Add content to bring your intranet to life. We’ll help you coordinate your people, processes, and information into an engaging and meaningful format. User-friendly CMS means you can easily edit and update as you go.

Become a Happy Customer

7. Become a Happy Customer

Go live and join the club of over 2000 customers and 1.2 million users who love iD.

"Intranet DASHBOARD is an innovative cost effective business tool. It has excellent functionalities to help streamline and improve the way you communicate with your stakeholders." - Information Officer, Government Officer

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