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#Channels and Private Groups are iD's modern communication tools, which break down information silos and store knowledge in collaborative spaces.

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Centralize Communication

Collaboration by email is often difficult and important information may get buried within inboxes. Fortunately, #Channels provide an easy way to leverage the skills of your colleagues in a central environment, where conversation is always retrievable. Simply post to the relevant #Channel to share updates and access feedback from your peers via your intranet.

#Channels are communities of interest based on topics that are meaningful to your business; making your intranet the central location for finding and sharing knowledge.

Centralize Communication with #Channels

Increase Productivity & ROI With #Channels


Save money by replacing 3rd party tools & reducing email clutter


Easily share company-wide content & find information

Employee Engagement

Improve company wide communication & collaboration

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"We don't send out 'all staff' emails anymore. All messages from management, newsletters, business information & warnings are posted to the intranet via #Channels."

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