Document Management

iD includes in-built document management system as part of our solution known as the "Library."

The Library centralizes all your important documents and enables them to be shared and found easily.

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Scenario : "I want to add a document to my intranet and share it."

We have created a video to show you how you can simply drag & drop files into iD’s Library, edit & collaborate on files, and share files with colleagues via #Tagging and @Mentions.

The in built Document Management Library is the central repository for all the important files your staff need.

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iD Document Management Video screenshot iD Document Management Video screenshot

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Centralize Everything

Centralize Everything

Make the intranet the place to go to find the documents and files your staff need to do their job.

Centralize all your important documents and files within the in-built document management system allow it to become the main repository.

Ensure Compliance with Read Receipt

Every organization has policies and procedures that must be followed, either by individuals, groups or the entire business. iD provides peace of mind by ensuring this information is read by the people that matter.

Accomplish compliance and consistency across your organization with Read Receipt. Easily assign policies, procedures and document updates as 'Must Read' for individuals or groups and keep track of their progress.

Read Receipt

Easy To Find What You Need

Easy To Find What You Need

Findability means “the ease in which you find.” Intranet DASHBOARD offers you superior findability by giving you a unique system that ensures that documents are tagged & indexed effectively so they can be easily found.

Connect & Share

Tagging allows you to easily connect people with documents that are relevant to them. When you assign a #hashtag with a file, it automatically shares that file into a discussion #channel. Subsequently followers of that #channel or topic are immediately made aware of new or updated files and in doing so are constantly kept up to date. Use @Mention to share with colleagues.

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Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

iD's document management system allows you to centralize files for fast and efficient retrieval via the Library.

It is super easy to upload and manage documentation, you simply drag & drop files into the Library so everyone can find the important files they need to do their job.

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In Line Editing & Version Control

In-line Editing & Version Control

You don't need to go in and out of Microsoft software to manage and update your documents – you can do all this via your iD intranet.

Manage all your files directly with in-line editing and version control.

Image Library

iD's image Library allows you to preview thumbnails and easily flick through images using the Lightbox.

Rather than just scrolling through a list of filenames, you can use the Lightbox to browse beautiful full-colour images to select the file you need.

Image Library

Accessible Anytime From Anywhere

Accessible Anytime From Anywhere

You can access the extensive in-built file management capabilities & functionality from anywhere at any time. Upload files into the Library and make documentation immediately accessible to everyone who needs it wherever they may be.

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