Centralize Everything

Intranet DASHBOARD gives you everything you need in one place. An intranet & portal ecosystem where content, people, and information are centralized, making everything instantly more findable. Your intranet is a now a meaningful place for work.

Centralized Document Management

Centralize documents and files within your intranet & portal. There's no need to search network drives for a long lost file, as iD becomes the main repository for company documents and imagery. You'll find what you’re looking for faster than ever before!

Ensure consistency, accuracy and relevance of documents, with detailed file tags and categorization using #Hashtags and @Mentions. Edit Microsoft documents via the intranet with autosave and version control.

Centralize Content

Reduce Emails

Reduce Emails

Email fatigue is a very real thing. Important information is often lost in overflowing mailboxes and long email threads are time consuming and difficult to follow.

iD allows you to communicate and collaborate in one central location and reduce reliance on email. Shift conversations to your intranet #Channels and manage discussions by topics & categories that support your business goals.

Farewell company wide emails – important company messages can now be distributed via News and Activity Feeds. When staff need to chat one-on-one, private groups allow them to share sensitive information.

Centralize Your Communication

Reduce email & centralize communication with iD's collaborative team spaces. See them in action via our live example intranet.

Improve Communication & Collaboration

Centralize People


iD connects you to your greatest resource - your team. Custom user profiles empower employees to self-manage information by sharing their responsibilities, experience, and areas of expertise. Explore the Staff Directory to identify experts and the answers you need to get the job done. Achieve consistency across your network with Active Directory Sync, so staff information is always up to date.

Find What’s Important With #Hashtags & Channels

Collaborate Efficiently with Team Spaces

Centralize Knowledge

An iD intranet & portal is the source of truth for your organization. When documents, tasks, and colleagues are accessible in the one place, there’s no need to look elsewhere for answers.

The easy to use CMS & Document Management systems make it simple for users to contribute information and categorize according to business goals, using tagging and @mentions.

Centralizing knowledge with iD means that when an employee leaves the company, critical information stays.

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