Getting Started Kit

How to Get Started

Obtaining approval for your intranet can be challenging, unless you have the right material. We've prepared a Getting Started Kit to assist you with this process.

Our template covers everything you need to get your intranet project off the ground and to gain support from stakeholders.

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Business Case Builder
  • Situational Analysis

    Pain points, high level goals, objectives, risks and costs.
  • Business Context Analysis

    Issues and opportunities, and the stakeholders that will be impacted.
  • Project Scope

    Objectives and scope and what is out of scope.
  • Solutions Considered / Recommended

    Outline and compare the solutions being considered as part of the project and why the successful solution was chosen.
  • Financial Analysis

    Cost/Benefit analysis and Return on Investment data.
  • Non Financial Benefits

    Benefits and features of the solution and how they will positively impact the organization.
  • Risk Assessment

    Risks associated with the project.
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